1. Status of Tire Industry in India

2. Wheel

3. Invention of Bicycles and Pneumatic tire

4. The Motor Cycle Tires

5. Development of Motorized Vehicles

6. Development of Pneumatic Tires

7. New Types of tires trying to replace pneumatic tires

8. Development of accessory industry – Rim, tube Valve,

9. How a tire is made – Tire components, basic functions & performance requirements

10. Radial and Conventional

11. Tube type & Tubeless tires

12. Types of tire – Bicycle, Motor cycle, Scooter, ADV, Tractor Front & Rear, Car, Light Truck, Truck, Earth mover, Fork Lift, Aero-tires…

13. Raw Materials: Rubber – Latex, Natural, Synthetic, Reclaim; Fabric; Carbon Black, Bead wire, Sulphur, Accelerators, Activators, Peptizers, Anti-oxidant, Retarders,

14. Compounding of rubber, chemicals & other raw materials

15. Presses, molds & dies

16. Processing – Mixing – Mill & internal mixers; Dipping: Calendaring, Extruders, Bias cutter, fabric processing, band building, tire building. Green tire processing, curing including how curing cycle decided, Post cure inflation, Inspection, Tubes, Flaps, Air bags, Bladders

17. Tire Inspection and defects classification

18. Standards for tires, tubes, rims & valves

19. Markings & embossing on tires & tubes

20. Tire Defects, probable causes

21. Field Inspection – Tire Service

22. Tire care & maintenance

23. Service Defects

24. Tire life & Retreading of tires