This is an appeal to tire industry persons of entire world with special emphasis to Indian tire industries past and present employees.

This site is launched purely as a service with no monetary gain in mind.

In the ‘Welcome’ we have given the reasons for starting this website. A website is not costly and can cater to entire world. It need not be one time effort. We can gradually add up inputs and make changes when needed without any difficulty. Above all, knowledgeable people can help us in this effort from wherever they are.

As mentioned a greater awareness have come among industries for the need of having knowledgeable workforce. Wherever it is not just a window dressing, workforce also showing positive and active interest.

Tire is not a simple product. While it is an engineering and compounding marvel consistency is a problem with it. A final product comes out after going through various stages of process with an organic material rubber as base which can behave like a spoiled brat at any time.

With advancement, demands on performance of tires are increasing day by day and so also market competitiveness.

Need for a proper understanding at all level is a must now. A website like this can be of a significant use.

We are aware of our limitation. We have basic idea and are only doing the job of compiling. Almost all inputs are available, thanks to Google search, Google Play, Wikipedia, Gutenberg etc. As mentioned at the beginning we can draw help from many knowledgeable persons who are willing to extent a helping hand.

So as mentioned at the beginning we would like to invite past and present tire industry people to join us to make it more informative in a lucid way. It is not necessary only technical people can help in this.

There are many like us who willing to contribute in this effort. They can be anywhere, in India, USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, China -------.

Please read what appears in the site. Suggest corrections, offer additional information, make it more lucid, attractive, informative. We will acknowledge with full information about you.

You can see under another heading the topics to be covered. You can make suggestions there too.

We are very keen to give historical development of the machinery like internal mixer, dipping unit, calendars all type, extruders, bead making, bias cutting, band building, tire building, tire processing, curing and similarly about tubes and other accessories.

If you have information you can send them to us, machinery manufacturers can give, if you are employed you can talk to them. We had with us for most of them, but lost it somewhere. Google is not helpful in this area. We could get only books of H C Pearson which is very useful. Since it was published in 1915 is not covered under copyright act. We shall be however sending a letter to the publisher.

List of requirements is very big and we will periodically make the request.

To conclude we would like to say that it is a great industry and an enduring one in this rapid changing world.

So, one can share whatever possible and is within their means. Above all we want to form a committee. We are looking persons who are willing and eager to take responsibilities and contribute.

Can you be the one?